About The Bay: 94-Year-Old Bay Area Journalist Defies Odds


David is awesome.

Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A San Francisco newspaper reporter is still on the beat at an age when most of his colleagues are just plain beat, if alive at all.

San Francisco Chronicle Science Editor David Perlman is 94 and chasing down stories 72 years after he first got into the business. He’s been at his current post for 6 decades – and counting.

“It’s being able to work and at something you really like,” he enthused. “I mean, I have fun all the time, working, you know, discovering things that make good stories.”

“Last week, I drove up to Bodega Bay on a story. Yesterday, I was out at Golden Gate Park.”

It’s no wonder, then, that colleagues many years his junior are in awe.

“Very spry,” Ellen Huet, 23, described Perlman. She recently worked with him on a story and shared a byline. “It feels really sort of…

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